Organizational mission and comprehensive policy of Tanin Arad Yekta Production and Trading Company

1- Being in the top five companies supplying raw materials for quality domestic products with the aim of achieving a green industry.
2- Satisfying all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers in the production sector, by setting the following multiple goals and principles:

The first principle: Improving product quality by creating and complying with requirements and standards related to the process and products.

The second principle: Provide reasonable and competitive prices using solutions such as reducing waste and production cycle time and improving the quality of equipment and applying environmental standards and green management.

Third principle: Innovation and presentation of products in accordance with the formulations of the day, taking into account the views of customers

Fourth principle: Improving the performance of customer-related processes such as after-sales service and customer complaints handling and control and empowerment of human resources through continuous and effective staff training and optimal allocation of resources to achieve quality goals and programs of products, health and biosafety Environmental.

Vision and goals of Tanin Arad Company

1- Knowledge-based activity
2- Innovation in the production of new products