Sam Kimia Boya Company was established in 1988 with a production volume of 2000 tons per year in Tuzla, Turkey, located in the European region. Ciba bachelor produces Ciba Germany. Also, to produce quality products and reasonable prices and increase the level of competition with the world’s leading companies, to improve investment in human resources and employee satisfaction, continuously expand production quality systems and customer service facilities and have management certifications. Quality including ISO 9001: 2000.

R&D studies are carried out by combining experienced engineers and prosperity policy in collaboration with various research and development institutes, universities and companies based abroad. The R&D and QC departments are constantly evolving to meet all customer requirements and provide good services to their customers at the regional level. Tanin Arad Yekta Company, as the exclusive representative of Turkish poison products, is proud to present its products in Iran.

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List of solkim base products of semkimya company used in industrial and construction paints, adhesives, etc., including a variety of dispersants, wetting and anti-fouling and silicone anti-floting, acrylic base agent rolling

For more information and to receive product data sheets, refer to the following link, list of water-based products, additives of semkimya North Company, dispersants and anti-foam used in water-based paints