Titanium dioxide (titanium) Tio2

Titanium dioxide or titanium is one of the most widely used white pigments in various industries. The main work of this pigment or white pigment is high coverage and absorption of ultraviolet rays, and in various industries such as: Applications in paint, glue, ink, ceramics, plastics, paper, electronics, etc. industries. Consumption of this substance in developed countries is almost 10 times that of developing countries.
Only about 5% of the annual global production of titanium is spent on the production of titanium metal and the remaining 95% is used in the production of titanium dioxide powder. This material has two allotropic forms of rutile and anatase, which due to their white color, high refractive index ( 49/2-90/2), excellent luminosity, inertia (neutrality) and high abrasion and heat resistance, high refractory degree and high power in uniform distribution and diffusion in other compounds as the main raw material of white paint in industry Known for dyeing, paper making, plastics, rubber and و.
Rutile titanium dioxide powder is used in the production of titanium peroxide, titanium salicylate and titanium tannate, and in practice, like zinc oxide, it is used on the skin with a high coverage to cure skin burns and reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Used to make sunscreens (lotions).
Titanium dioxide powder is also used in the manufacture of drug capsules and tablets.
Pure titanium dioxide powder is also used as a pigment in food products. Also in the preparation of synthetic fibers.

Types of Chinese and European Rutile and Anatas titans available in the commercial section of Tanin Arad Company:

R 868 Rutile

R 878 Rutile

R 838

Ti- pure Dupunt

R 104 chemours

Anatase A1

SR 236

R 5566 Dongfang

R 5588 GIT