About us

Tanin Arad Yekta Company was established in 1986. First, it started its commercial activity in early 2008 with the aim of supplying raw materials for paint, polymer and plastic industries, adhesives and construction industries.

The production activity of this company started in 1390. With the aim of producing micronized mineral powders with very soft granulation and using the superior technology of Alpin Alman Company in Aligudarz city. The main goal of the company was to produce very white and hand-picked powders from the best mines in the country. The company has always tried to provide the best services to customers by using experienced and experienced staff so that they can make significant progress in improving the quantity and quality of their products in line with current knowledge.


Technical advice:

To provide and optimize new formulations and reduce production costs in the paint, ink, etc. industry

Business Consulting:

Training of general and specialized business courses

Obtaining proforma and import license

Carrying out affairs related to the registration of goods orders, opening of cash and credit documentary credits (LC)

Import and export – supply of industrial raw materials